SAMA Autism Center uses Zivver for secure emailing.

We highly value the privacy of our students, partners, associates, and staff. That's why we utilize "Zivver" to send emails containing sensitive information. This ensures that only the intended recipient or organization can access this information.

What is Zivver?

Secure emailing through Zivver is a widely adopted service in healthcare, legal firms, and government agencies. Zivver is a Dutch company that provides easy-to-use methods for sending messages containing sensitive content such as personal data, files, or other information that needs to be securely transmitted. By using Zivver, we comply with privacy regulations.

Emailing SAMA Autism Center with Zivver If you have sensitive information about our students to share, we ask that you send the email securely using a tool like Zivver. You can send the secure email via the button below.

Please notify us of any changes to your email address or phone number!

It's important to inform SAMA Autism Center of any changes to your email address or mobile phone number as soon as possible. This ensures we can continue to communicate with you securely. You can inform us of changes through your child's mentor.

Questions or need assistance?

If you encounter issues opening an email message, please contact the sender of the message or email us at More information about using Zivver can be found on the Zivver website.