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Embracing autism together,
growing together.

boy near white wooden shelf
boy near white wooden shelf
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white and pink number 10

Welcome to SAMA Autism Center

SAMA Autism Center is a leading center in the treatment of autism and ADHD, where children receive the best possible care and can develop to their fullest potential.

We aim to understand the children and support them in developing skills and strategies to face the challenges of daily life. We believe in a holistic approach, considering each child's unique needs, strengths, and interests.

We also support and guide parents and other caregivers in understanding and managing autism and ADHD so they can support their children in achieving optimal quality of life.

As a center, we strive for continuous improvement and innovation in our treatments and services, and we aim to positively impact the lives of children with autism and their families.

Worth mentioning

Our programs

SAMA is a new autism center that offers specialized care to children between 3 and 12 years old with autism, AD(H)D, and other behavioral problems.

The SAMA Autism Center bases its treatments on ABA Therapy, and the TEACCH Method combined with art therapy.

child playing game on white ipad
child playing game on white ipad

Expat: English therapy

Are you an expat or living in the Amstelveen region with a child with autism and looking for English-language therapy? SAMA has got you covered! In addition to Dutch-language therapy, we also offer English-language treatment.

We understand that navigating a new environment and culture can be challenging, so we specifically focus on the needs of expats. We not only offer English-language therapy, but we also consider the unique challenges of this target group, such as cultural sensitivity and support for language development.

Parents are also involved in the therapy to facilitate the transition to a new country and healthcare system. So why go anywhere else when you can find everything you need at SAMA?

Let's not forget!

Our mission

The word SAMA has several meanings. It refers to listening, paying attention, having a good reputation, and being equal and together.

SAMA aims to provide children with high-quality, holistic, and person-centered treatments and support. We strive to help children reach their full potential.

multicolored learning toys
multicolored learning toys


Attention parents of children with autism, listen up!

You are the superheroes in your child's life. But sometimes, it can be challenging to understand your child's behavior and effectively respond to it.

That's why we offer parent training! Here, you'll learn all about the role of AD(H)D, ASD, or other behavioral issues in your child's behavior and receive useful, tailored parenting tips.

You'll be fully involved in the treatment process and learn techniques and skills to reduce your child's problem behavior and encourage positive behavior change.

With our parent training, you'll become an even better superhero for your child!

last but not least

We are located at Mortelmolen 3 in Amstelveen. If you want to register in advance, please complete the form as soon as possible. We will contact you as quickly as possible!

If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact form.