Are you dissatisfied with something, or do you have a complaint about our care?

We are happy to talk to you and look for a solution. If you are unwilling or unable to discuss the complaint with us or would like independent support, please get in touch with Klachtenportaal Zorg.

Klachtenportaal Zorg is an external organization with which we are affiliated to help resolve dissatisfaction and complaints about our care. If you have submitted your complaint or dissatisfaction, the Care Complaints Portal will determine whether it meets the conditions for handling it and which procedure is appropriate.

If any information needs to be included or clarified, they will contact you to complete it and ensure the complaints procedure is properly initiated. Would you like advice on how to deal with a situation you are unhappy with? Then you can also contact the Care Complaints Portal. In that case, you still need to start a procedure.

Submit your complaint using the complaint form on the Care Complaints Portal website. You can also send an email to Need to know which complaints procedure applies to you? Klachtenportaal Zorg can also help you with that.  

The goal remains to resolve dissatisfaction and complaints.

What complaints procedures are there again?

Healthcare Quality Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz)


  • A complaints procedure and mediation by an independent complaints officer;

  • Access the KPZ Disputes Committee for a binding decision on a handled complaint. Please feel free to submit the complaint as a dispute to the Disputes Committee if you are not satisfied with our solution after going through the complaints procedure. Wkkgz care is all care; think of Wlz and Pgb care. Excluded are Youth care falling under the Youth Act, involuntary/forced care (Wzd and Wvggz apply here), and WMO care with care providers who only provide WMO care.

Youth care covered by the Youth Act


  • Direct access to the Youth Care Complaints Committee for a decision on the merits of a complaint (or parts thereof), supplemented with advice to the care provider;

  • The Care Complaints Portal always offers mediation for complainants who expect the complaint to be resolved this way.